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Each of these journal covers tie shut, however you wish to tie it, and each one also has a leather cord in the middle thats holding the journal insert in place. This cord can be untied and the journal insert can be removed so a new insert can be added!

 There are currently 3 insert options to choose from:

1. 80 sheet (160 page) blank 32lb paper insert with leather cover.

2. "Watercolor" blank 80 sheet (160 page) 32lb paper insert with leather cover.

3. Junk journal insert, containing a lot of fun, rustic, textured papers, cards, envelopes...with leather cover.

Additional journal inserts can be purchased! Just look for our journal insert listings.

With each journal sold, Forest Moon Market will donate $1.00 which plants a tree in a U.S. National Forest. Thank you for helping us plant trees!!