The creating of Forest Moon Market.

Hello and welcome to our story!

Forest Moon Market started out as Forest Moon Fashion, a mobile womans clothing boutique. We absolutely loved our boutique and meeting so many amazing women as we traveled to events around Washington state. Due to the virus, we, like so many other small businesses, were greatly affected by things shutting down. With no events to attend for over a year, we sadly weren't able to keep things stocked. We did a lot of talking and thinking about things and we started to envision a new direction for our small business. Forest Moon Market is the result of that and we are SO excited to get things going! 

We wanted to have a lot of fun with what we sold and really showcase this amazing place that we live in and enjoy so much! We also wanted to be able to feature more of our custom created items as well as help our kids with their small business dreams. 

The name of our business comes from our families love for all things Star Wars. Yes, we are that dorky at times and we are totally ok with it. The Forest Moon is Endor, where the Ewoks live and they just happen to be Meg's favorite Star Wars characters, especially Wicket. It also looks a lot like the beautiful area that we live in and love! 

Thank you for joining our family on the adventure and we hope you love everything you purchase from us. Thank you for supporting a small family business. 

Meg, Bob, Justus, Evan and Kendra.